Our Wonderful Weekend!


What started out as a visit to Papaw Larry and Grandma Katie’s turned into the Southeastern Ohio Nostalgia Tour!

On the way to Mo Co (Morgan County for the uninitiated), we stopped at Millersport for lunch at Hometown Hotdogs. Then we headed over to Weldon’s Ice Cream for dessert. (Apparently we are very distantly related.) There’s nothing better than sitting on their porch eating ice cream, and enjoying the breeze and view of the lake.



Nora had so much fun at Papaw and Grandma’s! She loved playing in the pool and especially enjoyed her cousins Kelli, Jade and Jason. We had a wonderful, relaxing visit.





On Sunday, we ate lunch at the Blue Bell Diner and then saw Madagascar 3 at the historic Opera House.


The final stop on the Tour was Serpent Mound, on the way home Monday.




Letters Yy and Zz week!!


Looking back on it, it seems like the past few months went by really quickly – I can’t believe we’re on our last week of letters!!! We’re taking a little bit of a break from school so that we can get ready for the BIG MOVE.

I still plan to work on counting and number/letter recognition, and sounding out our three-letter rhyming word cards (bat, cat, hat, pig, jig, big, etc) that Nora enjoys so much. Oh, and reading books to her everyday.  Nora said today that she was going to miss the “liberry” when we move to Virginia. She got so excited when I told her there would be a library in VA too. 🙂

When we start back up, I plan to focus on improving her fine motor skills with letter tracing, and more arts and crafts, which is a nice segue to what we did for Letter Yy – a yarn necklace!

I cut several purple and orange straws into two inch pieces and Nora worked dilligently to string them onto the yarn. 🙂

For Letter Zz we made a paper-plate zebra. I cut out the pieces and Nora glued and colored them.


Letter Xx week!!


Coming up with a craft for Letter Xx week was tough!  I finally came up with the idea to make a treasure map – you know, since “X” marks the spot.  Nora is fascinated by pirates and she actually has a small wooden treasure box which holds some coins we’ve collected from our travels abroad. I stained a piece of paper with tea and then wrinkled it up. We drew a rudimentary map and Nora colored it with markers. 🙂

Letters Uu and Vv week!!


We’ve been reading a series of books about the adventures of the members of Miss Alpha Betty’s class. Each book focuses on a letter of the alphabet. For Letter Uu, we read this one and made our own Unusual Umbrella. 🙂


For Letter Vv, we read this book and then mixed together baking soda, dish detergent and vinegar to make – you guessed it – a homemade volcano!!



Letters Ss and Tt week!!


I bought these black pipe cleaners months ago, and Nora immediately wanted to make the spider for which there are instructions and a picture on the back of the package. Finally, Letter Ss week arrived and we made the Spider, with little googly eyes of course. 🙂

For Letter Tt, we read The Tiger Who Came To Tea and had a tea party. We had finger sandwiches, chamomile tea, and tea cakes. Kevin even dressed for the occasion. 🙂